Accomplished, Flexible And Driven In Business Litigation

Within my areas of expertise I focus my practice on; 1) pre-lawsuit strategies and advice to avoid litigation or to prepare for it, 2) the preparation and trial of a lawsuit as lead counsel, 3) serving as co-counsel or local counsel assisting others and 4) providing advice and strategies as to settlement before litigation, during litigation or post-verdict

My areas of litigation expertise includes the following areas;

  • Financial institutions/banking
  • Energy
  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Waste industry
  • Insured defense- including professional liability
  • Probate and Estates

I strive to resolve disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible when doing so is in my clients’ best interests but am always prepared to go to trial.

When Collaboration as Co-Counsel or Local Counsel Is What You Need

Perhaps another attorney is already handling your case and is in need of more expertise in my practice areas or simply needs knowledgeable assistance in handling the workload. I can help as co-counsel. My philosophy is that a client’s current attorneys will have every opportunity to remain actively involved and remain the primary client contact. At the same time, I will be there to help as needed either in a lead or supporting role. If the litigation goes beyond your original expectations or is a size requiring additional staffing, I will be there to help you develop and implement a winning strategy. If additional staffing is necessary I have access to and have utilized highly qualified associates and former appellate court briefing attorneys with whom I am familiar.

Collaboration works when you and I understand your ultimate objectives and become trusting partners heading in the right direction together. I am a quick study. We can soon be hard at work on your case. I am flexible. I require no recognition.

At times law firms and attorneys from other states or other  areas in Texas have litigation in the geographic areas of my practice. I am available to assist as local counsel in representing the client. I have successfully served as local counsel for attorneys and small and large law firms. Often this representation has resulted in lasting relationships with the attorneys and clients that I had served.

When Disputes Are Tough To Resolve

Are you or your business headed for a jury trial? It may seem like a daunting uphill climb, but keep in mind that I can usually tip things in my clients’ favor, thanks to my extensive experience and because defense verdicts for defendants and meaningful verdicts for plaintiffs are the norm for my clients. Nevertheless, because of the inherent risks in all litigation, costs or other considerations settlement may be the best option. I have experience in evaluating cases for settlement and developing settlement strategies. It can be difficult to accomplish if an opponent does not believe your attorney can effectively try the case.

Fee Arrangements

Typically, the cases I handle are on an hourly rate basis. Depending on the case I will give consideration to flat fees or reduced hourly rate/partial contingency fee arrangements.

Discuss Your Company’s Legal Needs

I am ready to help you explore your options. To schedule a consultation, call Drucker PLLC at 713-412-8589 or send an email inquiry for a prompt response.